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Le Anne Spino-Seijas


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Le Anne earned her Bachelor’s degree in 2009 at The College of New Jersey. She majored in Psychology (Cognitive) and Spanish and minored in Linguistics and French. Currently, she is working as a Coordinating Assistant to Dr. VanPatten. Her responsibilities include developing online activities for the Spanish language textbook Sol y viento, writing tests, observing teachers, and teaching Spanish classes. Le Anne also teaches two Integrative Language Options (ILOs) for the Residential College of Arts and Humantities on Venezuelan discourse and poverty in Venezuela. In her spare time she enjoys running, traveling, and visiting family on the Outer Banks (NC) and in Venezuela.

Research Interests

Her research interests include L2 Spanish processing, the acquisition of morpho-syntax,  the development of mental representations, vocabulary acquisition, language instruction, noticing, verbal protocol reactivity, and CALL

Le Anne's research is divided into two main avenues, the first focusing on the acquisition of L2 Spanish morpho-syntax, and the second focusing on attention and awareness. In the domain of Spanish morpho-syntax, she has examined learners' sensitivity to gender and number agreement violations, and is currently comparing learners' sensitivity to temporal reference as encoded in verb morphology and lexical items (i.e., adverbs). She is also interested in comparing self-paced listening and self-paced reading tasks. In the domain of attention and awareness, she is currently researching, along with Dr. Aline Godfroid, the potential reactivity of verbal protocols during reading on L2 vocabulary acquisition. In a separate study, they also test different methodologies (eye-tracking and verbal reports) to tease apart attention and awareness, two isomorphic components of the Noticing Hypothesis.

Teaching Experience

Spanish Instructor 
Michigan State University
SPN 101, 102, 201  

Language Mentor
RCAH, Michigan State University
Two Integrative Language Options (ILOs)  

Language Methodology Instructor 
Michigan State University
LLT 307 - Methods of Language Teaching                                                              

Spanish for Kids Instructor
Michigan State University
(CeLTA Language School)                                                                        

English as a Foreign Language
VenUSA (Mérida, Venezuela)



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Recent SLA-Oriented Presentations

  • Godfroid, A. & Spino, L. (2014, March). Reconceptualizing reactivity research: Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. Paper to be presented at Georgetown University Round Table, Georgetown, DC.
  • Godfroid, A. & Spino, L. (2013, October) The finger, the voice and the brain: Revisiting the effectiveness of L2 reading for vocabulary acquisition. Paper presented at SLRF, Provo, UT.
  • Godfroid, A. & Spino, L. (2013, August). How complete are think-alouds? A comparison of verbal reports and finger tracking during L2 reading. Poster presented at IRIS Project Colloquia, York, England.

    [Awarded the IRIS Project Colloquia Poster Prize]
  • Godfroid, A. & Spino, L. (2013, August).  One size fits all? The role of working memory in thinking aloud and task performance. Paper presented at EUROSLA, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  • Godfroid, A. & Spino, L. (2013, April). Effects of eye-tracking and think-alouds on text comprehension and vocabulary recognition. Poster presented at the Michigan State University Eye-tracking Mini Conference, East Lansing, MI.
  • Spino, L. (2013, February). Grammatical Gender and Number: The Effects of Increased Time Pressure on Production and Comprehension. Paper presented at AAAL, Dallas, TX.
  • Godfroid, A. & Spino, L. (2013, February). Timing Is of the Essence: Disentangling the Roles of Attention and Awareness in L2 Vocabulary Learning. Paper presented at AAAL, Dallas, TX.
  • Spino, L. (2013, February). Grammatical Gender and Number: The Effects of Increased Time Pressure on Production and Comprehension. Paper presented at the Second Language Studies Symposium, East Lansing, MI.
  • Schmidtke, J., Spino, L., & Lavolette, B. (2012, October). How statistically literate are we? Examining SLA professors’ and graduate students’ statistical knowledge and training. Paper presented at SLRF, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA.
  • Lavolette, B. & Spino, L. (2012, April). Update on Statistical Literacy of Applied Linguists: Preliminary Results. Paper presented at the Second Language Acquisition Graduate Student Symposium, Madison, WI.
  • Godfroid, A. & Spino, L. (2011, October). Reading in the experimental laboratory: A comparison of different data collection methods. Paper presented at SLRF, Iowa State University, Ames, IA.


Recent Language Instruction Presentations

  • VanPatten, B., Spino, L., Trego, D., & Hopkins, W. (2013, November). Creating proficiency outcomes: The Michigan State University Project. Paper presented at ACTFL, Orlando, FL. 
  • Spino, L. & Trego, D. (2013, November). Reduce, reuse, recycle: Strategies for planning effective immersion classes. Paper presented at ACTFL, Orlando, FL.
  • Spino, L. & Trego, D. (2013, November). Refocusing the classroom: Goals before grammar. Paper presented at MIWLA, Lansing, MI.
  • Trego, D. & Spino, L. (2013, July) “The Past Does Not Rule Me”: Putting grammar at the service of communication. Paper presented at the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese (AATSP), San Antonio, TX. 
  • Spino, L. & Inceoglu, S. (2013, May). Spanish and French L2 spelling error correction: Do generic spell checkers help or hinder? Paper presented at CALICO, Honolulu, HI.
  • Inceoglu, S. & Spino, L. (2013, May). Monitoring online courseware: Students’ behavior and perceptions. Paper presented at CALICO, Honolulu, HI.
  • Trego, D. & Spino, L. (2012, November). Discovering Grammar: What happens when students make their own rules? Paper presented at ACTFL, Philadelphia, PA.
  • Spino, L. & Inceoglu, S. (2012, November). Did they catch that error? Students’ use of spell checkers. Poster presented at ACTFL, Philadelphia, PA.
  • Spino, L. & Trego, D. (2012, October). Immersion activities for kids: Maximizing target language use and minimizing prep time. Paper presented at MIWLA, Lansing, MI.
  • VanPatten, B., Spino, L., Trego, D., Johnston, S. (2012, October). Click here. The why, what and how of hybrid and blended language courses. Paper presented at the Michigan World Language Association (MIWLA), Lansing, MI.