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Suzanne entered the Second Language Studies PhD program in Fall 2013 after completing her Masters in Applied Spanish Linguistics also at MSU. Before completing her Masters at MSU, she received her Bachelors from Indiana University of Pennsylvania in Spanish. While completing her Masters, she taught Spanish 101 and 102 for two years. She was awarded a Graduate Assistantship upon entry into the program, and currently works for the Center for Language Teaching Advancement (CeLTA) where she helps to create and evaluate new technologies for teachers and students to help increase language learner proficiency. She also is the Spanish-language tutor for La Hora Española, CeLTA's Spanish Language Help Room, where she provides assistance to Spanish language learners from Spanish 101 to higher, 400-level classes.  

Research Interests

Suzanne's research focuses on formal and psycholinguistic approaches. 

  • Third language acquisition
  • Cross-linguistic influence/Interlanguage Transfer
  • Second language/Third Language acquisition of morphosyntax 
  • Language proficiency testing 
  • Spanish SLA
  • Input Processing


Review of ¡A debate! Estrategias para la interacción oral, by Muñoz-Basols, Javier, Gironzetti, Elisa and Pérez, Yolanda. Hispania (In press)


Click Here: the Why, What and How of Hybrid Language Instruction” by Bill VanPatten, Daniel Trego, Leanne Spino and Suzanne Johnston. Michigan World Language Association. 25 Oct. 2012