The SLS program has dedicated lab space for Second Language Acquisition research. This lab, which is on the 4th floor of Wells Hall, is primarily equipped with SuperLab 5.0 and E-Prime. The lab is used for a wide variety of research. In the lab, students and faculty design experiments, collect data for their projects, and analyze data.  

Recent projects include: 

  • Working Memory and the acquisition of Spanish clitic object pronouns
  • The processing of gender and pragmatics in L2 Spanish
  • Linguistic aptitude and the L2 acquisition of Japanese word order
  • The processing of number and gender in L2 Spanish
  • Vocabulary learning in L2 Korean
  • Sensitivity to stem-changing verbs in L2 German

Lab Directors: Patti Spinner and Shawn Loewen

Lab Coordinator: Robert Randez (