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Aline Godfroid



Aline Godfroid (Ph.D. Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium, 2010) is an Assistant Professor of Second Language Studies at Michigan State University. She started doing eye-movement research during her doctoral studies at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, in Belgium, and is currently the co-director of the Second Language Sudies Eye-tracking Lab (with Paula Winke). Dr. Godfroid specializes in cognitive processes in second language acquisition. She teaches courses on L2 psycholinguistics, statistics, vocabulary acquisition and advanced research, as well as general introductions to the field of Second Language Acquisition.

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Research Interests

In her research, Dr. Godfroid attempts to bridge the gap between psycholinguistics and actual second language learning. The following areas are central to her research: 
• Attention, awareness and the 'Noticing Hypothesis' 
• Implicit and explicit learning and memory 
• Incidental vocabulary acquisition while reading
• Automatization                                                         

Dr. Godfroid uses advanced psychological techniques to study these areas, including eye-tracking, concurrent and retrospective verbal reports and reaction time measurement. Ongoing research includes a methodological study on the effects of eye-tracking and think-alouds; an eye-tracking study comparing the processing of grammaticality judgment test items i) with and ii) without time pressure; and a study on the implicit learning of German semi-regular verbs.

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