COVID-19 Updates 7/19/2021

  • MSU and the SLS Program are working toward safe returns to campus.
  • To align with state and federal guidance, MSU has lifted most of its COVID-19 mandates. This includes the wearing of masks and physical distancing (masks are not required on campus; physical distancing is not required on campus; those entering buildings on campus no longer need to register before doing so). Read more at MSU Together We Will.
  • The SLS Program may offer hybrid (remote and in person) attendance where possible to promote success, health, and wellness. If you have questions, please email the SLS Program Director, Dr. Paula Winke (

Welcome to Second Language Studies at MSU

Second Language Studies is an interdisciplinary and interdepartmental Program in the College of Arts & Letters for researchers and teacher-researchers interested in second language acquisition (SLA) and applied linguistics, and how it intersects with bilingualism, corpus linguistics, sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics, educational linguistics, pragmatics, and language assessment. Doctoral students in the SLS Program receive a firm foundation in a range of SLA research techniques and approaches. A cornerstone of the SLS Program is student-faculty interaction, whether in the classroom, or outside the classroom in joint faculty-student research projects and grants. Students graduate with an outstanding skill set that allows them to contribute to the ongoing scholarly debates in the fields of SLA and applied linguistics. The Program is also an SLA and applied linguistics research hub for the core faculty in the Program, as well as for affiliated students and faculty with academic homes in other units across Michigan State University.  Welcome to the Program, and if you have questions or want to join, contact us!  Paula Winke, SLS Program Director

Core Faculty

Affiliated Faculty




Visiting Scholars

Fulbright Scholar

Our faculty committee reviews select Visiting Scholar applications from the Fulbright Program. 

Faculty Invite

We invite visitors to work on specific projects with us or to share their research. These scholars come through individual arrangements with faculty.

International Visitors

Be a “Visiting International Professional”  through the Second Language Studies Specialized Global Professional Educational Program.

Visiting Scholars

Fullbright Scholar

Our faculty committee reviews select visiting scholar applications from the Fulbright program. 

Faculty Invite

We invite visitors to work on specific projects or to share their research. These scholars come through individual arrangements with faculty.

Unsolicited Applications

Faculty welcomes unsolicited applications through the SLS Ambassador Visiting Scholar (AVS) Program

SLS Weekly Digest

The SLS Weekly Digest is an email regarding job postings, conference information, calls for papers and publications.

MSU's "Working Papers in SLS" Journal

“Working Papers in SLS” is an online, peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the broad fields of second language studies, second language acquisition, applied linguistics, TESOL, and their related disciplines. Visit the journal to learn more.

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