SLS Program Handbook within Applied Linguistics

The Second Language Studies (SLS) Ph.D. Program Graduate Handbook describes the policies and procedures related to the SLS Ph.D. Program within the Applied Linguistics Program, which also houses the MA TESOL graduate degree program, and within the Department of Linguistics, Languages, and Cultures (LiLaC) at Michigan State University. If you have questions about the contents of the SLS Graduate Handbook, please email us.

Student Organization of Second Language Acquisition and Pedagogy

SOSLAP is the Student Organization of Second Language Acquisition and Pedagogy at Michigan State University. This student-run group organizes social activities and meetings, discussions with professors, and mentor each other through the graduate program. The group maintains a Facebook page. The group also supports the MSU Working Papers in Second Language Studies. Click on the SOSLAP Webpage and the Working Papers’ Webpage to read more. 

SLS Faculty Bylaws

Currently the SLS Bylaws are in draft form. Until the SLS Bylaws are voted in place by the SLS Faculty, the SLS Faculty follow the LiLaC Department Bylaws, and the College of Arts and Letters Bylaws, which are here:

Linguistics & SLA Librarian at the MSU Libraries

At Michigan State University, we have a full-time Linguistics and SLA librarian, Dr. Stephanie Perentesis, who, among other things, assists students and faculty in getting the resources they need for their research and teaching. Each Fall, Dr. Perentesis works with SLS students during orientation to show them the library resources available (free software and software support (Mendeley, Endnote, Qualtrics, Nvivo, SPSS, SAS, etc.), journal access, the ability to request the purchase of new books, photocopying and poster-printing services on paper or cloth at reduced fees, etc.). Below is the Website on some of the services and help MSU Libraries has specifically for linguistics, second languages, and TESOL.

Stephanie C. Perentesis
MSU Main Library, 366 W Circle Dr Room Db6

MSU Programs/Centers

Michigan State University’s Second Language Studies Ph.D. Program is supported by and affiliated with many other programs and centers at Michigan State. Below is a listing of a few of the program affiliates. Faculty and students in the SLS Program benefit by interacting and working with individuals from these associated programs and centers.

Journals in the Field

The Second Language Studies (SLS) Ph.D. students and the faculty in the program publish their research in a large variety of journals within the fields of applied linguistics, second language studies (SLS), second language acquisition (SLA), bilingualism, phycholinguistics, computer-assisted language learning, language testing, language policy, English-language teaching, and applied psychology (to name only a few!). Below is a smattering of some of the journals that define the larger field of second language studies (SLS), but of course, there are many more (too many to list).


SLS students and faculty hold memberships in many applied linguistics and related organizations. These organizations (and others) hold annual conferences. SLS students and faculty tend to attend these conferences and present their research at these conferences in large numbers. Below are some of the organizations that represent our field, but of course there are many others, with individual memberships depending on the researcher’s subfield(s) within applied linguistics and second language acquisition.