Our Goal:

The purpose of SoSLAP is to promote interest and communication in second language acquisition (SLA) and related fields. It aims to foster cohesiveness in the SLA community at Michigan State University by providing opportunities for academic, social, and professional development and interaction among students and faculty. Take a look at our constitution or our Facebook page. We also support the MSU Working Papers in Second Language Studies. 

What We Do:

The SLS and MATESOL program at MSU has students enrolled from various stages in life.  Some students have families and children and others have traveled far from everything and everyone they know.  SoSLAP is our attempt to get everyone together from time to time so that we can build a real student experience at MSU.  We organize several big events every semester along with minor recurring ones.

SOSLAP Events Include

  • Donuts and Distributions, a stats discussion group
  • Testing and Tasting, an assessment discussion group (new!)
  • Writing Groups
  • Faculty-led article discussion groups
  • End-of-Semester Dinner
  • Surviving Grad School Panel
  • Group outings

Check out our Facebook page for information about future events.

Current SoSLAP Officers:

SLS Co-Chair: Monique Yoder (yodermon@msu.edu)

MA TESOL Co-Chair: Elizabeth Ablan (ablaneli@msu.edu)

Communications Officer: Robert Randez (randezro@msu.edu)

Treasurer: Dylan Burton (burtonjd@msu.edu

Secretary: Mary Li (lixue3@msu.edu

SoSLAP Journal:

SoSLAP is an online peer-reviewed journal dedicated to scholarly content relating to the broad field of second language studies, second language acquisition, applied linguistics, TESOL, and other fields. Visit the journal to learn more.