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amuziebig.jpgGrace Amuzie

Grace (Eunhye Lee) is a Ph.D candidate in Second Language Studies at Michigan State University. Having worked as a research assistant, she has participated in a vareity of reserach projects, including learners' preparedness for CALL and online learning, textual enhancement and noticing (eye-tracking research), and the validity of the citizenship test. Recently she has been conducting reserach on L2 acquisition of English articles with a focus on learners' issues with countaiblity judgments. Her dissertation investigated L1 transfer at the lexical level in countability judgments and article use in English. 

At MSU, she has taught TESOL minor undergraduate courses (Teaching Methods and Pedagogical Grammar). She also has worked with EFL and ESL teachers through a variety of teacher training programs in both Korean and the U.S where she served as instructor, curriculum writer or director. Recently, she taught Communicative Language Teaching and Content-based instruction in the summer teacher training program offered at MSU. 

Research Interest: 

L2 acquisition of English articles 

L2 grammar instruction 

Task- and content- based instruction

Teacher education 

Learner beliefs 

Intercultural communication 


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