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College of Arts and Letters | Michigan State University

heobig.jpgYeon Heo


Yeon earned her MA in TESOL from Michigan State University with the support of the Korean government’s fellowship. Before she came to the U.S., she taught EFL learners at the secondary level and worked with in-service teachers by lecturing teaching methodology at teachers’ training institutes. She was also actively involved in designing test items to measure listening and reading skills in various region-wide and nationwide exams. With administrators she published teaching materials for English teachers and developed school curriculum for Busan International High School. In SLS program, she has been an RA for VAULTT (Video Assistance for Understanding Learning and Teaching Techniques) at CLEAR (Center for Language Education And Research) In the project, she designs video clips for better language teaching.

Research Interests

- Effectiveness of language instruction on second/foreign language learning and teaching

- Differences and similarities between second/foreign language learners and heritage language learners of Korean

- Effective grammar teaching for adult learners

- Relationship between Form-Focused Instruction and Meaning-Focused Instruction

- Ways to narrow the gap between ideas of researchers and practices of language teachers


- Paper presentation at American Association of Teachers of Korean (AATK), Receptive and Productive Vocabulary Sizes of Learners of Korean: Comparison between Heritage Language and L2 Learner Group (June 2013)

- Poster presentation at American Association of Applied Linguistics (AAAL) in Dallas, Texas, Influence of Different Types of Instruction on Implicit and Explicit Grammar Knowledge and Meaning (March 2013)

- Session abstract accepted to American Council on The Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL), VAULTT: Educating Novice Teachers through Subtitled Videos and Guided Research (January 2013)

- Poster presentation at Second Language Research Forum (SLRF) in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, 2012, The Effects of Form Focused Instruction with Three Different Explicitness on Grammar and Comprehension (October 2012)


- Teaching Korean at Montgomery College in Maryland (Fall 2013)

- Teaching LLT 361, Introduction to Second Language Acquisition at MSU (Summer 2012)

- Teaching basic Korean at Evening College in MSU (Spring 2012)

- Conversation facilitator for In-Class Language Partner Program for Korean Classes at MSU - Koreans 101, 102, 401 (September 2011 through April 2013)

- Tutoring Korean to a group of adult learners as a foreign language at MSU (September 2012 through August 2013)


- Excellent student paper award at the conference of 2013 American Association of Teachers of Korean. Presentation Title: Receptive and Productive Vocabulay Sizes of Learners of Korean (July 2013)