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Online Language Processing Lab

The SLS program has dedicated lab space for pyscholinguistic research. This lab, which is on the 4th floor of Wells Hall, is primarily equipped with SuperLab 5.0, and has been used for a wide variety of research.

Recent projects include: 

  • Working Memory and the acquisition of Spanish clitic object pronouns
  • The processing of gender and pragmatics in L2 Spanish
  • Linguistic aptitude and the L2 acquisition of Japanese word order
  • The processing of number and gender in L2 Spanish
  • Vocabulary learning in L2 Korean
  • Sensitivity to stem-changing verbs in L2 German

Faculty contacts: Bill VanPatten and Susan Gass

Roman Chepyshko (in progress) --E-Prime 2.0 + E-Prime extension for Tobii
Locative verbs in second language learning
Dissertation committee: Bill VanPatten (Chair), Susan Gass, Aline Godfroid, Paula Winke
Email: chepyshk@msu.edu 

Suzanne Johnston (in progress) --Self-paced reading, Superlab
L2 Spanish Verbal Morphology: Representational problem or processing deficits?
Dissertation committee: Bill VanPatten (Chair), Aline Godfroid, Patti Spinner, Paula Winke
Email: john3438@msu.edu

Megan Smith (2016) --Superlab
Testing the Shallow Structure Hypothesis in L2 Japanese 
Dissertation committee: Bill VanPatten (Chair), Patti Spinner, Aline Godfroid, Charlene Polio
Email: smit1996@msu.edu

Le Anne Spino (in progress) --E-prime & Superlab
Title coming soon
Dissertation committee: Bill VanPatten (Chair), Susan Gass, Patti Spinner, Paula Winke
Email: spinole@msu.edu

Recent Publications

Smith, M. (to appear). L2 learners and the apparent problem of morphology: Evidence from L2 Japanese. In A. Benati and S. Yamashita (eds), Theory, research, and pedagogy in learning and teaching Japanese. London: Palgrave.

VanPatten, B. & Smith, M. (2015). Aptitude as grammatical sensitivity and the initial stages of learning Japanese as an L2: Parametric variation and case marking. Studies in Second Language Acquisition.

Smith, M. & VanPatten, B. (2014). Instructed SLA as parameter setting: Evidence from earliest-stage learners of Japanese as L2. In C. Laval, M. J. Arche & A. Benati (Eds.), The grammar dimension in instructed second language acquisition: theory, research, and practice (pp. 127-146). London: Bloomsbury.

Jegerski, J. & VanPatten, B. (Eds.) (2013). Research methods in second language psycholinguistics. New York: Routledge.

Recent Grants

VanPatten, B. (2015-2016). HARP Grant from the College of Arts and Letters, Michigan State University: On the Interface Between Word Order and Case Marking: A Study on the Acquisition of Latin and Arabic as Second Languages

Spino, L. (2015). Language Learning Dissertation Grant. Faculty sponsor: Bill VanPatten. Grammatical Gender Agreement in L2 Spanish: The Role of Agreement Complexity