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Second Language Acquisition Lab

The SLS program has dedicated lab space for Second Language Acquisition research. This lab, which is on the 4th floor of Wells Hall, is primarily equipped with SuperLab 5.0 and E-Prime. The lab is used for a wide variety of research. In the lab, students and faculty design experiments, collect data for their projects, and analyze data.  

Recent projects include: 

  • Working Memory and the acquisition of Spanish clitic object pronouns
  • The processing of gender and pragmatics in L2 Spanish
  • Linguistic aptitude and the L2 acquisition of Japanese word order
  • The processing of number and gender in L2 Spanish
  • Vocabulary learning in L2 Korean
  • Sensitivity to stem-changing verbs in L2 German

Lab Directors: Patti Spinner and Shawn Loewen

Lab Coordinator: Ryo Maie