• to Dr. Dylan Burton, who won the 2023 International Language Testing Association (ILTA) Dissertation of the Year Award! 
  • to Dr. Philip Montgomery, who passed his dissertation defense on March 5!

Welcome to Second Language Studies Ph.D Program at MSU

Second Language Studies is an interdisciplinary Doctoral Degree Program in the Applied Linguistics Program within the Department of Linguistics, Languages, and Cultures in the College of Arts & Letters. Along with the SLS Ph.D. Program, the TESOL Program is also within the Applied Linguistics Program. The TESOL Program offers a Minor and a MA. The SLS Ph.D. Degree Program is for researchers and teacher-researchers interested in second language acquisition (SLA) and applied linguistics, and how those fields intersect with bilingualism, corpus linguistics, sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics, educational linguistics, pragmatics, and language assessment. If you have questions or want to join the SLS Ph.D. Program, contact us!  Paula Winke, SLS Program Director

Core Faculty

Affiliated Faculty




Visiting Scholars

Fulbright Scholar

Our faculty committee reviews select Visiting Scholar applications from the Fulbright Program. 

Faculty Invite

We invite visitors to work on specific projects with SLS faculty. These scholars come through arrangements with individual SLS faculty members, and are officially hosted by the member’s home unit (LiLaC, RCS, or the ELC).

International Visitors

Come join us for an entire year! Be a “Visiting International Professional”  through the Second Language Studies Specialized Global Professional Educational Program.

Visiting Scholars

Fullbright Scholar

Our faculty committee reviews select visiting scholar applications from the Fulbright program. 

Faculty Invite

We invite visitors to work on specific projects or to share their research. These scholars come through individual arrangements with faculty.

Unsolicited Applications

Faculty welcomes unsolicited applications through the SLS Ambassador Visiting Scholar (AVS) Program

SLS Weekly Digest

The SLS Weekly Digest is an email regarding job postings, conference information, calls for papers and publications.

MSU's "Working Papers in SLS" Journal

“Working Papers in SLS” is an online, peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the broad fields of second language studies, second language acquisition, applied linguistics, TESOL, and their related disciplines. Visit the journal to learn more.

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