Xuehong (Stella) He

Hi! My name is Xuehong He, and I go by Stella. I am a native speaker of Cantonese and Mandarin. I completed my B.A. in English (Translation and Interpreting) at Sun Yat-sen University and my M.Phil. in Applied Linguistics at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

My research interests are Instructed Second Language Acquisition, Second Language Vocabulary Teaching and Learning, and English and Chinese as Second/Foreign Languages. In my research projects, I have used eye-tracking to investigate cognitive factors such as attention. I have also investigated the roles of individual differences, such as working memory, during second language learning.

 Recently, I have published a co-authored article in TESOL QuarterlyChoosing Words to Teach: A Novel Method for Vocabulary Selection and its Practical Application (He & Godfroid, 2018), to provide step-by-step guidance for TESOL professionals to select appropriate words for teaching. Now I am working on two collaborative projects on the Output Hypothesis, Individual Differences, and Second Language Grammar Learning. For my dissertation project, I am studying the effects of presentation formats and working memory capacities on attention and outcomes when learning Chinese vocabulary as a second language. I am excited to see the findings of these projects!