Lee Her

Hello! I am Lee Her, a current student at Michigan State University’s second language studies program. Before joining MSU, I received my masters in TESOL from San Jose State University where I taught English to Spanish speakers through the Catholic Charities program. Afterwards, I worked as a procurement specialist for a tech company for a few years before deciding to embark on another educational journey.

At MSU, I was fortunate enough to receive a University Distinguished Fellowship from the Graduate School, which provides full funding for two years. For my two unfunded years, I had the opportunity to work on a lab redesign project as a graduate assistant for the Center for Language Teaching Advancement (CELTA), with Dr. Felix Kronenberg. I am also currently a research assistant for Dr. Peter De Costa and have been working with him on various research projects that have provided me with knowledge and experience with the grant application process.

My primary research interests are on language policy planning and implementation in lower-level tertiary institutions (Her, in prep) and its impact on language teacher emotions (Her & De Costa, under review). For my dissertation, I plan on investigating the role of Hmong mothers in enacting family language policy in the home setting whose children attend Hmong and English dual language schools. In my research I seek to investigate the intersection between second language acquisition, language policy and affect. Additionally one of my recent, coauthored publication on combating white fragility and raciolinguistics can be found in an edited volume. If you are interested in learning more about my work or contacting me, please check out my website.