Introducing SLS Visiting Ph.D. Student Alexandra Schurz

In Fall 2021, Alexandra Schurz, a PhD student and uni:docs fellow at the Department of English and American Studies at the University of Vienna, Austria, will be visiting the SLS Program and sharing her research at MSU. She is hosted by Dr. Shawn Loewen and the Department of Linguistics, Languages, and Cultures, and will be additionally co-hosted by Dr. Aline Godfroid. Alexandra researches methodologies in teaching L2 English, learners’ use of English in their spare time, and learners’ development of explicit, automatized, and implicit grammar knowledge. She works cross-nationally, comparing L2 English learning across countries. Recently, Alexandra was awarded the Impact.Award by the City and University of Vienna, allowing her to launch the LINK (Language Instruction Network) project to connect researchers and EFL teachers. She has experience teaching English and French in secondary schools in Austria and Sweden. Alexandra will be presenting her research in a soon-to-be-scheduled lecture in early November (more on that soon). Please help us in welcoming Alexandra to MSU and the SLS Program!