Introducing SLS Visiting Ph.D. Student Alex Alves Egido

August 2021 through March 2022, Alex Alves Egido, a Ph.D. candidate in Language Studies at the State University of Londrina, Paraná, Brazil, will be visiting the SLS Program and sharing his research at MSU. He is hosted by Dr. Peter De Costa and the Department of Linguistics, Languages, and Cultures. Alex is the President of the Paraná English Language Teacher Association (APLIEPAR, Portuguese acronym). He is the author of the book “Students’ Assumptions, Prejudice, and Discrimination in an English Language Class” (2018). His primary area of research is ethics and language education, and he is also interested in critical and decolonial studies. Alex will be presenting his research in a soon-to-be-scheduled lecture (more on that soon). Please help us in welcoming Alex to MSU and the SLS Program!