Dr. Meagan Driver starts new Multilingual Repository for abstracts in Applied Linguistics (MuRAL)

Assistant Professor Meagan Driver, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Romance and Classical Studies, has started a new project, the Multilingual Repository for abstracts in Applied Linguistics (MuRAL), as part of her newly created Multilingual Lab.

The primary goal of the project aims to make research in applied linguistics more readily accessible to scholars and speakers of non-English languages. The project will offer a repository to house translations of abstracts of peer-reviewed articles published within the field of applied linguistics in the last ten years. A future direction for the project will involve offering translated white papers and research briefs.

In order to build the Repository, the project is searching for translators, preferably who are familiar with the technical language common to applied linguistics, to produce translations of abstracts within the field of applied linguistics between any source-target language pairs. Dr. Meagan Driver adds that educators of translation might consider including an assignment or project in their syllabus that has the goal of students submitting translations for publication in the Repository. A sample project prompt is available for those who wish to incorporate the Repository in their classroom.

Additionally, the project requires competent (i.e., advanced, C1-C2 level) speakers of non-English languages to review submitted translations for accuracy and coherence.

We are thrilled to have any translators, educators, and bilingual speakers to take part in this project. Those who are interested in learning more and contributing to this initiative can contact Dr. Meagan Driver at driverme@msu.edu.

 Abstract translations can also be submitted directly at: http://multilingualrepository.org/submit/.