Curtis Green-Eneix researches how society’s views on languages and education shape pre-service, K-12 teachers’ beliefs on how to best support linguistically diverse students in their classrooms

Curtis Green-Eneix is a Ph.D. candidate in the Second Language Studies (SLS) program at Michigan State University (MSU). Before joining MSU, he received his BA in English Linguistics with a minor in Chinese Studies at Boise State University and an MA in English as a Second Language at the University of Arizona. At the University of Arizona, he studied and worked with Dr. Hayriye Kayi-Aydar on her Spencer Foundation Project, which was published in TESOL Journal as part of a special issue. This experience conducting and presenting research brought him to join MSU’s SLS program in 2018, where he is currently studying under Dr. Peter De Costa.

          As an educational sociolinguist, Curtis Green-Eneix is currently working on his dissertation. His dissertation examines the intersection of identities and ideologies of pre-service teachers entering the K-12 classroom in the United States. Curtis investigates how societal beliefs and discourses around language and education are taken up and performed by pre-service K-12 teachers concerning their perceived role in supporting culturally and linguistically diverse students in relation to their intersecting identities and life experiences. From his dissertation, he plans to publish multiple articles around situating race and ideology in language education and measuring socioeconomic position in applied linguistics, among others.

In addition to his dissertation, Curtis, with the support of his colleagues, is a prolific scholar who has published in multiple journals and edited volumes. His primary research interests include teacher identity and ideology (De Costa & Green-Eneix, 2021), teacher development (Green-Eneix & De Costa, 2022), language policy and implementation (De Costa, Green-Eneix, & Li, 2022, 2021a, b), and issues of social (in)justice (De Costa, Green-Eneix, Li, & Rawal, 2021). He also researches other applied linguistic issues, such as issues of emotion and teaching (Green-Eneix & De Costa, In Press), culturally sustaining pedagogy (Pastushenkov, Green-Eneix, & Pavlenko, 2021), and computer-assisted language learning (Green-Eneix, 2020). Curtis has also been the guest editor with Dr. Peter De Costa and Dr. Wendy Li, MSU Alum, for the Australian Review of Applied Linguistics and the RELC Journal, both focusing on the transnatioanlization of higher education institutions through implemented language policies. He, with multiple colleagues, is currently guest editing two more journals, one focusing on the emotional impact of English medium of instruction (EMI) and the other furthering content language integrated learning in EMI settings to be culturally sustaining.

Aside from his research and publications, Curtis has served in numerous capacities at MSU. For example, he has been a writing consultant for the TRIO Excel: Advancing Academic Excellence Program; a research assistant to Dr. Douglas Hartman in the Teacher Education program; an instructor for multiple courses in TESOL/Applied Linguistics such as EFL/ESL language teaching methods; an assistant to the co-editors of TESOL Quarterly, where he was responsible for managing the workflow of all incoming manuscripts, including reviewing manuscripts and producing reports for the TESOL Quarterly Editorial Board; and a research assistant to Dr. Peter De Costa where he is currently assisting with the preparations for the 2023 American Association of Applied Linguistics (AAAL) conference. Additionally, in terms of service, he served as a member of AAAL’s Website Content development committee and a manuscript reviewer for multiple journals in the field, such as TESOL Quarterly, TESOL Journal, Linguistics & Education, and the Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development to name a few.

Lastly, Curtis received several awards before coming to MSU. For instance, he was given the status of McNair Fellow at Boise State University and the Graduate Access Fellowship at the University of Arizona. While in the SLS program, he also was the recipient of several awards: The Academic Achievement Graduate Assistantship, The Dissertation Completion Fellowship, and an honorable mention for his dissertation from the International Research Foundation for English language education. Curtis Green-Eneix has been awarded a combined total of $55,600+ in scholarships and grants while in the SLS program.

If you are interested in contacting Curtis Green-Eneix or learning more about his teaching, research, or service, please feel free to visit his website, ResearchGate, Academia, or Google Scholar profile.