The SLS program currently has two eye-tracking labs. The labs were launched in 2009 to provide broader opportunities for faculty and graduate students to carry out in-depth research on cognitive and psycholinguistic processes in SLA. Presently, one lab is equipped with an SR Research Ltd. Eyelink 1000 eye-tracking system (with three mount types), and the other lab is equipped with a Tobii TX300 TSE with E-Prime 2.0 extensions. 

The eye-tracking labs have an external website: 

Recent projects include:

  • Learners’ use of morphosyntactic and morphophonological information in L2 sentence processing
  • Attention and incidental vocabulary learning in L2 Arabic
  • Attention and awareness in relation to L2 input enhancement
  • NP-of-NP ambiguity resolution in Korean
  • Explicit and implicit processing


Eyelink Lab: 
Faculty contact: Aline Godfroid

Tobii Lab:
Faculty contact: Paula Winke